2013 SRR Long Island

Twelfth Annual
Small Reach

Blue Hill Bay
July 19-22, 2017
Brooklin, Maine

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In 2006, a group of sail-and-oars boats gathered for an informal cruise in Maine to answer a question: could we succeed here with a large gathering of such boats, inspired by “Raids” in Europe and by the famed Eggemoggin Reach Regatta for classic yachts? The reply Lunch Break at Bean Island 2010was an enthusiastic “yes,” and for three more years like-minded people sailed the same waters the ERR has sailed annually since 1985. This experience gave us our name—the Small Reach Regatta, and today we are organized entirely under the auspices of the Down East Chapter of the Traditional Small Craft Association.

The idea of the SRR is to gather together small sail-and-oars boats for sailing, with the same kind of camaraderie and appreciation that the ERR has established. The boats typically sail courses of 5 SRR Sailing on Upper Frenchman Bay 2010to 15 nautical miles on three successive days (Thursday through Saturday) starting from the waterfront anchorage each morning and returning each afternoon. There is no racing, but participants always show keen interest in how their boats perform against others. Many of the boats were built of wood by their owners themselves, and last year seven of them were even designed by their builders.

We don’t have hard-and-fast rules about boat minimum or maximum lengths, knowing that the nature of traditional small craft is highly variable. The largest boat in the 2010 fleet was 22’, and the smallest 13’. They ranged from elegant yacht-like constructions to boats inspired by workboats such as sailing dories. Generally, the boats must be able to put in to a beach and relaunch without assistance and must have oars as auxiliary propulsion.

Since those times on Eggemoggin Reach we've sailed three years out of Lamoine State Park on Frenchman Bay east of Mount Desert Island and two years out of the excellent Hog Island Audubon facilities in Muscongus Bay, with as many as 55 boats in the fleet. The last two years, we have been back in Brooklin, Me., sailing in and around Blue Hill Bay and Eggemoggin Reach. Arrival next year, as usual, will be Wednesday afternoon, with sailing Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and departure Sunday. The fleet will be based at Herrick Bay, thanks to the generosity of Cy Hannon, proprietor of Atlantic Boat. The yard has an excellent launching ramp, a good pier, quite a number of floats, ample space for trailer parking, and frontage on a large anchorage. The bay has excellent sailing access to Blue Hill Bay, Jericho Bay, Casco Passage, Eggemoggin Reach, and potentially to the eastern part of the Deer Island Thorofare. For the event dates, we've engaged the entire facility of a new campground in Brooklin, called Ocean Camping at Reach Knolls, which is on Reach Road about six miles away from Atlantic Boat and can accommodate all our participants. Frank Bianco has agreed to be our caterer, for optional meals. Before our Hog Island years, he did a great job with dinners and later added in breakfasts and sack lunches.

Boating Safety

Boating safety is always a priority at the SRR, and the fleet is accompanied at all times by a chase fleet, usually six fast powerboats. Participating boats are required to meet a checklist of safety equipment. Our safety demonstrations in years past have included a firing of emergency flares and a deliberate capsize and self-recovery. We take safe seamanship seriously.

For more information, contact — Tom Jackson, P.O. Box 96, Brooklin, ME 04616; 207–359–4651; <tom@woodenboat.com>; or David Wyman, P.O. Box 505, Castine, ME 04421; 207–326–9406; <david@dwymanpe.com>.

E-mail is our preferred method of communication. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We hope to see you this summer on the coast of Maine!

For complete information on fees, boat and skipper qualifications, required equipment, and application materials
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